After using breathable cloth, the magic effect appeared.
Column:Industry Dynamics Time:2018-11-27
Aecloth / solid woven fabrics are the main industrial products

aero cloth / solid woven fabrics is the main industrial goods. With the development of economy, it has brought great use to our industrial production. The air permeable cloth is made of high quality synthetic heat-resistant fibers and is suitable for pneumatic conveying inclined trough of powder such as cement and alumina. It is often used for conveying cement and raw material powder in cement industry. Inclined trough is widely used in conveying materials because it has no rotating parts, easy maintenance, good sealing, no noise, safe and reliable operation, less power consumption, convenient change of conveying direction, and multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading.

Permeable cloth has been widely used for its convenience in changing conveying direction, multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading. It is also applicable to other pneumatic conveying devices for powder and granular materials, such as trains and bulk powder tankers for automobiles. It is used as a vaporizing bed to mix materials with air in a vaporizing state and has good fluidity to improve conveying efficiency. If it is used in the homogenizer of cement raw meal, the mixing of cement raw meal can be homogenized.

Air permeable cloth is made of high quality chemical synthetic fibers with heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Air permeable cloth is woven on special equipment according to specific requirements. Permeable cloth is suitable for pneumatic conveying of air inclined groove in cement plant, gas tank in homogenization tank, and dust material pneumatic conveying of bulk cement truck, bulk cement ship, power plant, aluminium plant, etc. The instantaneous temperature of pervious cloth can reach 200 C, and the constant temperature is about 180 C. Our fine art air permeable cloth company produces air permeable cloth with uniform air permeability, stable size, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low moisture absorption, light weight, smooth surface, energy saving, long service life and other advantages, and enjoys high honor among the vast number of users.

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