Tianjin Honglong Fabric Company

Tianjin Honglong Fabric Company is dedicated to producing various industrial belts. It was founded in 1995 and locates at No.6 Yinhai Road, Jinghai Economic Development Zone with registered capital of CNY 5 million as well as 110 sets of production machines and 10 sets of high-accurate detection instruments.



Product Advantage

We not only provide products and services to our customers, but also provide comprehensive solutions according to their needs.

Brand Advantage

The "male lion" brand products produced by our factory are the preferred products for customers at home and abroad.

Quality Advantage

Enterprises attach great importance to product quality, after-sales service, introduce the concept of green environmental protection, and create new products of safety and energy saving.


Our air permeable cloth is made of high-quality heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant chemical synthetic fibers, which are woven on special equipment according to specific requirements.
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