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Synthetic Fibre Breathable Belt

Woven out of quality synthetic fiber raw materials, this product features smooth surface, good integrity, even and stable permeability, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non-hygroscopic, no ash returning, convenient installation, and long service life. It is a good alternative for multi-layer canvases and ceramic perforated plates. This product mainly applies to various industries such as power plants, the chemical industry, and the metallurgy industry, as well as pneumatic conveyance devices for powdered and granular materials, air slides, homogenizing storage, plenum boxes, gas lift pumps, flow valves, and bulk cement warehouses in the cement industry.

By attaching the permeable belts onto the inside bottom of tanks in bulk cement tank trucks, flyash vehicles, and cement ships, you can use the air compressor to add pressure and convert the powdered and granular materials into fluid inside the tank, and unload the materials inside the tank into specified positions through the internal and external pressure difference.

This product applies to large prebaked cells in hyper dense phase conveying systems, feeding systems of electrolyzers, and new and adjustable feeders in aluminum smelters. Devices using this product do not have any mechanical transmission components in the whole system. Therefore, this product enables low power consumption, no leak, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and long service life.

This product complies with the Q/12HB3935-2013standard for enterprises.

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